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Speaking Session:
Deposit Growth & Retention Strategies in a Falling Rate Environment
Adam Stockton, Managing Director at Curinos
With falling rates in the forecast, many bankers are breathing a sigh of relief. But rate sensitivity is not going away, and competition for deposits will remain challenging in 2024 and beyond. In order to win, banking executives need to ensure consistent and accurate measurement of deposit value — which deposits are worth spending scarce marketing dollars to acquire, and which are worth using rate to defend?
This session will show you how to tackle the specific deposit challenges you’ll face in a falling rate environment. You’ll see how the right CD strategy will balance retention and interest expense, and how to contend with checking and low-cost savings deposits as they migrate into higher-cost MMDA and CDs.
This session will teach banking executives:
  • How deposit value will shift and evolve over the next two years
  • How to build a plan that maximizes deposit efficiency in a cost-constrained environment
  • The tactics financial institutions have used to drive above average deposit growth at below average cost
  • How to avoid attrition of valuable deposits, and the specific risks associated with pricing down in a falling rate environment
  • How banking providers need to recalculate their marketing ROI in an environment where deposit value has increased
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