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Compliance Analyzer

Identify, mitigate and eliminate potential compliance risks

Preparing and protecting your business from regulatory scrutiny and fines is critical

Curinos’ Compliance Analyzer is a proven technique for identifying, mitigating, and eliminating potential risks to your business in a regulatory environment that is only adding more compliance pressure. Diversity and inclusion in fair lending is a current focus for regulatory bodies, as are areas susceptible to unfair, deceptive or abusive acts or practices (UDAAPs).

Test Fair Lending Adherence

Measure your adherence to fair lending laws and regulations (ECOA & FHA) by capturing the voice of the customer beyond the transaction or loan file.

Understand Servicing Biases

Experience compliance testing reviews your adherence to regulatory and COVID-19 compliance and assesses potential servicing bias by key variables such as ethnicity and gender.

Curinos Does
Custom Programs

Manage risk at the point of sale and gain visibility into what happens to potential customers who do not fill out an application.   

What Our Clients Are Saying

Compliance Director

The Curinos fair lending testing program is critical to helping us stay current with the regulations and making sure we are in compliance.

Credit Union

Senior Compliance Officer

Curinos testing of our front-line employees gave us terrific insight into some potential areas of concern which allowed us to mitigate the risk by devising a training program to help correct and shape behaviors.

Regional Bank

Our Insights

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