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Small Business Deposit Analyzer

Unparalleled insights into deposit performance, helping financial institutions identify growth opportunities and optimize their bottom line.

Small Business Deposit Analyzer is the ultimate tool for analyzing and optimizing deposit performance.

With access to over $400B in deposit balances, our Analyzer provides the intelligence you need to stay ahead of the competition. Using Small Business Deposit Analyzer, you can quickly and easily compare your deposit performance against industry and peer sets to better understand what’s driving your business growth. With consistent definitions and uniform methodologies, our Analyzer provides accurate and actionable insights that enable you to make more intelligent, faster and informed decisions.

In-Application Tools
- Portal with key views
- Drill down by segment
- Export capability
Curated Reports
- Monthly market trends vs.
client and peer set
- Weekly/Daily snapshots
- Expert-led sessions on market changes & impacts
- Quarterly interactive Q&A with our thought leaders
Retained Advice
- Deep client-specific analysis & feedback
- Quarterly, monthly or weekly check-ins

Small Business Deposit Analyzer in Action

Small Business Deposit Analyzer provides the most accurate source of cleared rates across acquisition and total portfolio breakouts. It provides users with analytical deposit intelligence across the entire portfolio enabling participants to optimize their pricing and deposit strategy to:

  • Drive efficient growth through targeted acquisition offers, breaking the reliance on anecdotal intelligence of competitor rates
  • Optimize the back book by managing rates prudently while spotting potential attrition risk
  • Make compelling product offers and inform investment priorities based on account-level insights into customers’ product preferences

The Small Business Deposit Analyzer Advantage

  • Accurate & Consistent Data
  • Innovative & Actionable Insights
  • Accessible & Timely Reporting
Accurate & Consistent Data
  • Expertise in managing data in the most widely used deposit analytical platform (40+ U.S. installs)
  • Sourced from account-level data, not self-reported
  • Consistent definitions across institutions and calculation of metrics
  • Uniform methodology developed utilizing years of experience
Innovative & Actionable Insights
  • Latest thinking from leading experts in retail banking to translate information into embedded analytical tools to support business-as-usual processes
  • Multiple bank-type comparisons within markets and analytically derived normalizations for cross-market, opportunity-based performance norms
  • Actionable segmentation schemes, i.e., rate bands, vintage based, first vs. multi-renewal CDs, customer vs. account acquisition
Accessible & Timely Reporting
  • Analytics built to drive actions based on work across dozens of banks
  • Reports available quickly (2-3 weeks after month-end) following each aggregation
  • Access to subject matter experts for deep dive reviews

Small Business Deposit Analyzer By The Numbers

In Balances Captured From
Millions of Individual Accounts
Of U.S. Small Business Deposit Balances
Years of Competitive Benchmarks

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