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Insurance Providers

Utilize insight to capture quick wins and build your improvement over time strategy

Uncover growth opportunities by benchmarking against your top competitors

Understanding market trends is essential, but managing analysis in-house can be costly…Curinos collects anonymized data direct from peers and benchmarks your performance, providing insight into optimization opportunities and more.

Curinos brings you invaluable market data that can’t be found anywhere else. That’s why senior leaders at some of the world’s biggest insurance brands rely on our analysis.

Our Solutions

eBenchmarkers Analyzer

Uncover growth opportunities by benchmarking yourself against your top competitors.

Case Studies​

Trust and Technology

Case Study Winter 2019

What Our Clients Are Saying

Marketing Director

We have found the eBenchmarkers Analyzer study to be an invaluable piece of work, allowing us to measure our performance against our competitors and being a catalyst for change.

Leading Insurance Provider

Head of Consumer and Market Insights

As well as providing action-provoking customer and business information, I consider eBenchmarkers Analyzer a key strategic partner in helping to understand and leverage business opportunities.

Global Retail Bank

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