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eBenchmarkers Analyzer

Track your performance against key competitors with benchmarking from Curinos

Understanding market trends is essential, but managing analysis in-house can be costly...

With nearly 20 years of experience in UK financial services, eBenchmarkers Analyzer collects anonymised data direct from your peers and benchmarks your performance, providing insight into optimization opportunities and more. Based on this information, our expert consultants provide data and insight to capture quick wins, while feeding into your long-term strategy for sustainable improvement over time.

Understand Your Competition

Gain access to thousands of your peers’ performance metrics, including marketing efficiency, sales value, customer servicing and more.

Receive Tailored Analysis

Curinos’ expert consultants will provide you with actionable insights, designed to capitalize on market opportunities and create customer value.

Unlock Year-Round Dedicated Support​

In addition to periodical on-site presentations to your management team, a Curinos consultant will always be available to answer your questions.​

Solution Highlights

  • Market Share And Channel Strategy
  • Marketing Efficiency
  • Customer Journey
  • Sales Value
  • Customer Servicing
Market Share And Channel Strategy

Where do you rank in the market?

How is your market share changing and what drives this performance?

How does this affect your sales and servicing strategy?

Marketing Efficiency

How does your marketing strategy compare to your competitors for size, distribution and acquisition costs?

How can you improve lead generation and conversion?

How strong is your brand?

Customer Journey

How can you improve the usability of your mobile, online and telephone processes?

What are best practice conversion rates?

Sales Value

How does the value of your sales compare to your competitors?

What opportunities are there to improve upselling, cross-product sales, customer retention and product usage?

Customer Servicing

How does the quality of your customer service compare to your competitors?

How can you improve waiting times and abandonment rates whilst maintaining cost efficiency?

How can you reduce the cost of servicing your customer base?

Categories Covered In Our Research

Personal Retail Banking

Current Accounts, Credit Cards, Unsecured Loans, Mortgages, Savings, Investments and Insurance Products

Small Business Banking

SME current accounts, Savings, Unsecured Loans, Credit Cards, Overdrafts, Mortgages and Insurance Products

Insurance Products

Car, Home, Travel, Pet and Van Insurance Products

Life Insurance

Term, CI, WOL and IP Products

What Our Clients Are Saying

Head of Consumer and Market Insights

As well as providing action-provoking customer and business information, I consider eBenchmarkers Analyzer a key strategic partner in helping to understand and leverage business opportunities.

Global Retail Bank

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