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Marketing Analyzer

Improve marketing efficiency with comprehensive cross-institution benchmarks and performance insights

Marketing investments are more important than ever before

Marketing Analyzer is the marketing measurement and optimization solution that provides a holistic picture of marketing performance, instilling confidence in the contribution of your efforts to customer acquisition. Our cross-institution marketing benchmark allows you to monitor and compare spend, efficiency, and organizational insights, establishing a “true north” on marketing investment and allocation decisions. 

Defend Marketing Spend
Balance your marketing spend and defend your budget with unmatched depth of data from across the industry.
Optimize Marketing Investment
Use financial services-specific benchmarks to alter channel investment and drive increased sales at the lowest cost.
Performance Drivers
Uncover variations in performance across segments, audiences, DMAs, etc. Impactful marketing decisions live in granular data. Find, break down, and make moves from Marketing Analyzer.
Spend Allocation
Dive into proprietary analytics of spend sufficiency and efficiency and gain a holistic view of combined marketing spend across all digital channels.
Campaign Planning/ Performance
Reference metrics to source for future marketing campaign planning with trend analytics and historical performance views. Benchmark key metrics against industry peers.

Inside Marketing Analyzer

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Real And Current Data Sourcing
  • Recommendations And Insights
  • Budget Defense
  • Easy Installation And Intuitive Use
  • Customizable Views
Competitor Analysis

Granular view of spend and performance across financial institutions 

With Marketing Analyzer, you’ll work alongside proprietary benchmarks, showing the magnitude of working marketing investment spend by line of business, product, and channel. Spend levels for agency and production fees are also included. 

Real And Current Data Sourcing

Optimization provides marketers guidance on spend allocations across channels 

At a time in which consumers are actively seeking and switching to institutions that fit their needs, the recency of comparative information is paramount. See year-over-year comparisons over the last 24 months, including acquisition and retention costs and investment performance. 

Recommendations And Insights

Curinos experts help you make sense of industry and consumer trends  

Cut through the data interpretation delay and gain access to a standardized and unbiased strategic sounding board for tactical and allocation decisions. 

Budget Defense

Directly tie and communicate marketing’s contributions to customer acquisition 

Use Acquisition IQ data to communicate marketing’s value to the business while defending its budgets, channel selection, and partnerships. 

Easy Installation And Intuitive Use

Driven by daily API data — no need for additional IT investment 

Add an elite benchmarking tool and approximately $9 billion of captured bank marketing investment data to your arsenal. Plus, it runs on an intuitive Tableau interface, making navigating and drilling into data as simple as possible. 

Customizable Views

Data analysis gets as granular as you’d like, with customizable views across geographic areas, lines of business, and more 

Compare and display the data you need to drive difference-making decisions for your organization. All data is easily downloadable directly from the interface, making sharing fast and easy.   

Meet Marketing Analyzer

Want to see the Marketing Analyzer product suite in action?

Check out our full demo and see: 

  • How it allows for flexible campaign planning, monitoring, and review 
  • How its proprietary benchmarking data can be used to identify inefficiencies and their solutions 
  • How financial institutions are using it to unlock untapped potential in specific social channels 
  • How it’s used to create highly efficient marketing channel and message mixes 

Marketing Analyzer By The Numbers

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Spend Analyzed
Product Offerings Delivering Daily To Biannual Insights
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