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Go Further with Curinos Partners

Build new opportunities for your organization and help your customers make profitable, data-driven decisions faster by partnering with Curinos 

We help partners advance their initiatives and grow faster

Leverage the depth and breadth of Curinos data, understand how our partners are increasing their solution sales and strengthening the strategic alignment and success of their customers.

What problems does Curinos help FI clients solve?

Measurable and effective customer engagement

Deposit costs and deposit book management
Processes for identifying lending, omnichannel and deposit opportunities for improvement

Explore Our Solutions

Our commitment is to keep investing and evolving so that our partners can keep innovating to help their customers make more profitable and customer driven decisions faster….all while helping our partners attract and retain more business.

Navigate the present

Curinos collects, curates and models customer derived data and delivers market-based insights to its partners and direct customers, helping them make faster and more informed decisions that significantly impact their bottom line. Curinos’ depth and breadth of data across the balance sheet is unparalleled in the financial services industry, enabling its customers and partners to stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

Prepare for the future

Curinos is helping its clients and partners stay ahead of trends and market-based activity by providing the deepest and broadest set of cross balance sheet data that goes as far back as 20 years. These data and analytics enable customers to anticipate go-to-market opportunities more quickly.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Jake Fernandez, Product Manager at GTreasury

Simply put, NDepth is the Best of Breed for Bank Fee Analysis. GTreasury recognized that it was more beneficial to our clients to align rather than try and compete. NDepth provides our customers with a consolidated Bank Fee Analysis system that is self-serve and contains all the international data and benchmarking insights that treasurers need. The game changer is being able to see what other companies are paying and how clients can reduce their costs.


Frank van der Velden, CEO and Co-Founder

We provide a global perspective on comparative mobile app CX performance from very high volumes of customer review data. This, combined with Curinos’ Digital Banking Analyzer provides the rich texture of actual customer journeys, creating a very compelling story for our clients as they evaluate their digital offerings.

Touchpoint Group

Brian Day, Solutions Consultant

In today’s digital-first world, it is critical for financial institutions to keep a pulse on digital trends and preferences in order to meet – and ideally exceed – cardholder expectations. With the Digital Banking Analyzer, PSCU helps financial institutions make informed decisions about their digital roadmaps and cardholder journeys, while also positioning them for growth and success.


Mike Bilyeu, VP of Business Development

We thrive on partnerships that drive customer value and lead to mutually beneficial strategic growth. Our partnership with Curinos has exemplified this vision. We now have a trusted CECL solution to offer our clients, which has led to an increase in customer relationships and new logo opportunities.


Why Curinos?

We offer many different types of partnerships. 
Joining us as a partner offers you the opportunity to:

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Increase your software revenue
  • Develop joint customer solutions with Curinos
  • Augment your go-to-market plan
  • Strengthen credibility and relationship network
  • Embed market intelligence to increase customer lifetime value
  • Help your customers be more successful with your services
  • Increase the platform value to your customer by adding market insights
  • Increase strategic value to the financial institution
  • Have informed dialogue with your customers
  • Increase the value of the sale, cross-sell, and retention rates
  • Use market-based data to influence your product roadmap and investment

The benefits of a Curinos partnership include:

New revenue stream opportunities
Amplified innovation to customers
Increased retention
Increased sales
Enhanced strategic value of customer relationships
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Want to go further?

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