Digital Banking Analyzer

Where banks come to learn and evolve 

We go beyond competitive intelligence.

Curinos’ Digital Banking Analyzer provides regularly updated visuals and market-leading analysis of the digital banking arena. The DBA provides access to unique customer journeys across extensive brands in the United States, United Kingdom, and anywhere else financial institutions are accelerating their digital developments. 

Our team of analysts provide market-leading insights into the latest developments to help shape our clients’ digital roadmaps. 

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Digital Banking Analyzer Data
Allows You To Focus On What Matters​

Prioritizing Your Digital Roadmap​

Track how the market is changing and where your digital experiences need to evolve and back up your recommendations with quantifiable evidence and visual examples​.

Discovering Operational Efficiencies​

With access to best-in-class data, understand where to enable self-service for your users and build those journeys with speed​.

Improving Customer Experiences​

Acquire more customers, increase engagement and retention, and uncover cross-sell opportunities​.

Inside Our Key Features​

Track User Journeys: Access end-to-end user experiences for onboarding, app servicing and web servicing.

Compare Functionality: Understand what actions your competitors’ users can perform in relation to your own.

See What Customers See: Share regularly updated visuals of competitor user experience journeys across your organization.

Benchmark UX: Compare and rate your user experience on capability, communication and ease of interaction.

Access Insights and Best Practices: Stay updated on what is considered “best practice” across the digital experience through exclusive subscriber content from Digital Banking Analyzer analysts.

Digital Banking Analyzer By The Numbers

Institutions Tracked​
Features Audited & Mapped
Journey Screenshots Unlocked

What Our Clients Are Saying

Sorab Shroff, Senior Digital Product Manager

Since becoming a Digital Banking Analyzer client, I’ve been able to quickly verify what other banks do in terms of user experience without having to sign up to ten banks as a customer. It helps us understand the market and better serve our own customers.


Senior Digital Product Manager

Providers have different strengths around the world, the Commercial Digital Analyzer is essential to us seeing what they are, so we can build upon them as we continue to innovate our customer journeys.


Marcus Burgess, Head of Online and Mobile

The Digital Banking Analyzer gives us a high-level view of which digital feature could give us competitive advantage and a granular view of the mechanics behind such features and journeys. These insights play a fundamental part in the planning, prioritizing, and building of our core user journeys.


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