Credit Unions

We help Credit Unions meet industry challenges by providing the tools needed to stay competitive against larger institutions – while still serving members

Understand what happens on the front line, with both your members and your market

Credit Unions face challenges and obstacles that retail banks don’t. With Curinos you will be able to gain insight into competitive deposit and lending products, and product rates and fees while gaining awareness around your institution’s ability to generate new business.

Learn how members engage with you and understand the power behind your brand while also evaluating sales and service, testing regulatory compliance behaviors and verifying employee behavior and training.

Our Solutions

Maximize the value of your marketing investments.

Dynamic creative optimization that’s fit for finance – let personalization drive your conversions.

Optimize your pricing strategy.

CDA Retail

Optimize your pricing and deposit strategy.

CDA Treasury Analyzer

Intelligence that enables more accurate ALM, FTP and more effective ALCO committee decisions.

Commercial Digital Banking Hub

Build a better commercial digital experience.

Deposit Rate & Fee Data

Industry leading deposit solutions that enable effective pricing decisions to positively impact your portfolio.

Digital Banking Hub

Enhance your user experience in today’s digital first world.


Maximize your lending performance.

Lending Pricing Data

Comprehensive insight into lenders relative pricing position.

Margin Management

Adjust and capitalize on your competitive lending position.

Mystery Shop & Compliance

Identify, mitigate and eliminate potential compliance risks.

PriceTek® Commercial

Precision customer management to improve the profitability and growth of commercial relationships.

PriceTek® Home Equity

Allows lenders to create a more sophisticated and targeted rate strategy to balance and prioritize origination targets, credit risk distribution and profitability.

PriceTek® Retail Deposits

Precision deposit management, to manage and improve profitability and growth of deposits products and customers.


Understand your distribution performance relative to peers at the branch level.


Maximize the management of your network and prioritize markets for investment.

Case Studies​

Trust and Technology

Case Study Winter 2019

What Our Clients Are Saying

I love all of it. Sometimes we go in blind when we make recommendations. Now those recommendations would be much more powerful.

Large West Coast Credit Union

Compliance Director

The Curinos fair lending testing program is critical to helping us stay current with the regulations and making sure we are in compliance.

Credit Union

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