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Developing a strategy that
enables you to go further

The industry is evolving, and with that evolution comes the opportunity to enhance your performance.

At Curinos, our Advisory team listens to your needs, audits your current operation, and pairs that with our proprietary data.
The result? Gaps are identified, solutions are suggested, and we position you to win.

Network Optimization

Product Design

Curinos Solution/Results: Generated an additional $3.2B in deposits at 11bp less than anticipated, annualized revenue impact of $45MM

Curinos Solution/Results: Developed a market-based ‘playbook’ which supported $55mm in operating expense reductions while increasing branch customer acquisition by 20%

Curinos Solution/Results: Developed a network and workforce optimization strategy which provided for $10mm in operating expense savings and 15% increased branch sales performance

Curinos Solution/Results: Designed a customer centric savings product that captured more than $300MM in deposits and drove 50M page views within the first two weeks of launching

Curinos Solution/Results: Leveraged proprietary white space research to identify improvements to the checking suite, resulting in a 22% jump in checking sales with no impact on fee income

Value Proposition

Margin Management

Curinos Solution/Results: Designed a new value proposition & corresponding innovative product offering that contributed significantly to their share of new customers increasing by 250% and share of existing customers increasing by 50%

Curinos Solution/Results: Sustained growth at lower rates, resulting in annualized revenue impact of $97MM

Curinos Solution/Results: Generated 30bps of additional revenue as a result of decreased price exceptions during first 9-months of implementation


Curinos Solution/Results: Increased variety of CD pricing as well as frequency of rate changes based on composition of maturing CDs, saved 10bps of rate with no impact on balances

Curinos Solution/Results: Segmented portfolio to identify variations in price sensitivity and model impact of potential price changes, additional $5mm in spread from targeted rate reductions

Clients leverage our unmatched proprietary deposit data assets and
multi-year primary research datasets for their strategy and implementation.

Want to go further?

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