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Lenders Optimizer

A demand-based price optimization platform

Manage your way to maximized profitability with Lenders Optimizer for Home Equity​

With the changing shape of Home Equity that has influenced the way borrowers shop, understanding where price elasticity exists and where it doesn’t is key to maximizing profitability.

Curinos’ Lenders Optimizer allows lenders to go beyond the LendersBenchmark Analyzer platform using competitive market intelligence data to create a more sophisticated and targeted rate strategy that align with origination targets, allowing lenders to balance and prioritize origination targets, credit risk distribution and profitability.

Price Optimization

Market demand-based rate strategies tailored to maximize volume and profit.

Performance Monitoring

Weekly strategy performance updates driven from market volume.​

Competitive Intelligence

As well as offered rates, integration of LendersBenchmark Analyzer origination and pricing analytics to capture funded rates.

Solution Highlights

  • Rate Optimization
  • Demand-Based Elasticity Curves
  • Customizable Tableau-Based BI Dashboards
  • Rate Management (Optional)
  • LendersBenchmark Integration
Rate Optimization

Market volume-based rate optimization allows clients to create niche home equity market opportunities based upon their relative market share and market size. Set the profitability targets, volume goals and credit-risk tolerance all in one price optimization tool.

Demand-Based Elasticity Curves

A discovered-hierarchical approach finds the pockets of customer elasticity and inelasticity.

Customizable Tableau-Based BI Dashboards

Customizable dashboards provide a means for ongoing competitive intelligence and portfolio analysis so users can adjust strategies quickly.

Rate Management (Optional)

Lender-specific rate management allows users to easily manage the entire rate grid, including all base rates and adders, in any combination up to full matrix pricing.

LendersBenchmark Integration

Leverages real-time market application and origination data from the consortium of LendersBenchmark Analyzer clients to create competitive, market sensitive home equity rate sheets.

Lenders Optimizer Home Equity By The Numbers

Lifetime Profitability
Per $1B In Originations
Achieve 5-7bp NIM
Proven Track Record To Assist Lenders In Achieving Higher Incremental Net Interest Margin

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