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Commercial Analyzer

Make better pricing decisions with access to comparative commercial deposit data and insights

Optimize your pricing strategy and operate more efficiently...

Commercial Analyzer enables you to optimize your pricing strategy and operate more efficiently with data-driven pricing analytics and a leading source of market intelligence. Commercial Analyzer exposes the supply and demand for deposits, making you smarter, faster and more agile than ever before.

Through Commercial Analyzer, you can achieve greater confidence in understanding relative performance and assessing current and historical opportunities based on comparisons to industry trends.

Drive Efficient Growth
Break the reliance on anecdotal intelligence of competitor rates with targeted acquisition offers.
Optimize And
Increase Confidence
Manage rates prudently while spotting potential attrition risk.
Empower Better Pricing Decisions​
Inform investment priorities with survey based data and insights into customers' product preferences.

Solution Highlights

Gain insight into how your institution is performing relative to your peers
and access industry trends across key performance metrics.

  • Accurate and Consistent Data
  • Timely and Accessible Reports
Accurate and Consistent Data

Intelligence is sourced from survey-based data with consistent definitions and calculation of metrics applied across institutions.

Timely and Accessible Reports

Quarterly PDF available 6 weeks after the quarter end with access to subject area experts for deep-dive reviews.

Commercial Analyzer By The Numbers

Years of Data
Commercial Deposits
Banks Contributing​

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