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Commercial Digital Analyzer

Build a better commercial digital experience with proprietary insights from the Commercial Digital Analyzer

Increase digital engagement and create best-in-class customer journeys

Making the right moves in digital is imperative to accelerate new customer acquisition and deepen relationship primacy. Choosing where to start can be complicated between budgeting cycles, the evolving market and industry opacity.  

The Commercial Digital Analyzer is the only competitive intelligence solution that provides “behind the firewall” access into the customer experience and capabilities of large corporate bank platforms, enabling users to create a winning digital roadmap strategy.

Prioritize Your Digital Roadmap

Track how the market is changing, learn where your digital experiences need to evolve and back up your recommendations with quantifiable evidence and visual.

Accelerate Sales ​

Deliver the differentiated digital experiences clients want with access to a team of experts across financial services and digital expertise to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Get Behind The Firewall

Access competitor bank customer experience journeys and digital capabilities to create a winning digital roadmap strategy.


Build a digital channel that extends the financial value chain and is built off customized insights and data with ongoing insight reports filled with guidance, industry standards paired with next steps across core treasury journeys.

Inside Our Key Features​

  • Feature Explorer
  • Journey Explorer
  • Insight Explorer
Feature Explorer

Browse visualizations of mobile and desktop banking tools and enhancements, including login and authentication, UX and navigation and more...

Journey Explorer

Follow step-by-step breakdowns of everyday digital experiences such as onboarding, loan applications, bill pay and more – all through the eyes of a customer or member.

Insight Explorer

Read about the most important advancements and key trends across the industry, complete with context and best practice recommendations from Commercial Digital Analyzer analysts.

Commercial Providers
Benchmarking Metrics
User Journeys​
Increase in Incremental ROI with Targeted Investments​

What Our Clients Are Saying

Product Manager

LendersBenchmark small business insights helped identify an opportunity to expand our unsecured lending product offering, making us more competitive in the market.

Decision Analyst

The small business lending tool has, and will continue to be, a great resource in giving an industry comparison to our internal KPIs.

Large Regional Bank

Sorab Shroff, Senior Digital Product Manager

Since becoming a Digital Banking Analyzer client, I’ve been able to quickly verify what other banks do in terms of user experience without having to sign up to ten banks as a customer. It helps us understand the market and better serve our own customers.


Product Team

The Digital Banking Analyzer helps us understand if our competitors have functionality that we currently have or plan to have in the future. The Feature Explorer allows us to see what those features might be called and how the user experience is.

Tier I Bank (UK)

Jake Fernandez, Product Manager at GTreasury

Simply put, NDepth is the Best of Breed for Bank Fee Analysis. GTreasury recognized that it was more beneficial to our clients to align rather than try and compete. NDepth provides our customers with a consolidated Bank Fee Analysis system that is self-serve and contains all the international data and benchmarking insights that treasurers need. The game changer is being able to see what other companies are paying and how clients can reduce their costs.


Frank van der Velden, CEO and Co-Founder

We provide a global perspective on comparative mobile app CX performance from very high volumes of customer review data. This, combined with Curinos’ Digital Banking Analyzer provides the rich texture of actual customer journeys, creating a very compelling story for our clients as they evaluate their digital offerings.

Touchpoint Group

Our Insights

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