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LendersBenchmark Analyzer

Maximize your lending performance

Accurate and timely lending analytics to maximize your relative position

There is a heightened demand for visibility into lending performance. With interest rates ramping up considerably in 2022, alongside waning mortgage refinance volume, competition has only intensified. Now more than ever, lenders require a keen understanding of their lending performance and market opportunities to compete effectively.

LendersBenchmark Analyzer is a competitive intelligence solution that allows lenders to assess lending performance in near real time against a market consortium, delivering a scalable and dynamic framework to proactively manage margins and optimize operational performance.

Access to the largest market consortium for small business, mortgage and consumer lending with $2.5T of loan volume tracked representing 7MM total transactions, lenders can:

Monitor Lending Performance

Weekly insight into key performance indicators across vital loan attributes.


Measure volume response to changes in margin.

Increase Lending Volume

Understand market mix and volume opportunities.

Solution Highlights

  • Timely, Granular Data
  • Actionable Metrics
  • Flexible Delivery Model
  • Solution Coverage
Timely, Granular Data

Weekly loan origination data/reporting with transaction-level application, approval and booking detail.

Actionable Metrics

Key lending performance metrics, including market demand, market share, operational efficiency, price position, risk profile / business mix and price exceptions​.

Flexible Delivery Model

Gain access to comprehensive data via easy-to-access web interface for customized views and the ability to export data to conduct advanced analytics.

Solution Coverage

LendersBenchmark Analyzer is available to mortgage, home equity, unsecured and small business lenders.

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