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LendersBenchmark Analyzer for
Unsecured Lending Originations

Maximize your lending performance

The only consortium of its kind to include banks, fintechs and credit unions.

Given the status of today’s market, there is a heightened demand for visibility into Unsecured Lending performance. With interest rates (and risk) ramping up considerably, now, more than ever, lenders require a keen understanding of their Unsecured Lending originations, risk profile and market opportunities to compete effectively.  

LendersBenchmark Analyzer is a competitive intelligence solution that enables lenders to assess lending performance in near-real-time against an anonymized market consortium of their peers, delivering a scalable and dynamic framework to proactively manage margins and optimize operational performance. 

Solution Highlights

  • Timely, Granular Data
  • Actionable Metrics
  • Flexible Delivery Model
Timely, Granular Data

Originations insights delivered on a weekly basis.

Actionable Metrics

Key lending performance metrics including market demand, market share, operational efficiency, interest rates, and risk profile / business mix.

Flexible Delivery Model

Easy, user-friendly web-based interface for direct access to customized views and advanced analytics.

Lenders provide:

  • Transaction-level data
  • Application volume
  • Booked volume
  • Interest rates
  • Personal credit scores

Curinos provides:

  • Competitive price positioning
  • Production/Sales productivity
  • Product management insights
  • Relative risk metrics
  • Operational efficiency
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • White space discovery
Access to the largest market consortium for small business, mortgage and consumer lending with $2.5T of loan volume tracked representing 7MM total transactions, lenders can:

Monitor Lending Performance

Weekly insight into key performance indicators across vital loan attributes.


Measure volume response to changes in margin.

Increase Lending Volume

Understand market mix and volume opportunities.

The LendersBenchmark Analyzer Advantage

LendersBenchmark Analyzer for Unsecured Lending is the only consortium product in the market today to offer weekly data updates via a user-friendly, web-based interface with the most granular data available. Connect with us today to learn how you can become a participant!

Product Manager: Identify opportunities in the market by understanding product mix, lender versus peers

Key Insight Gained: Lender has been missing out on the 37–48-month term market with their volume increasing 36% year over year yet the market has increased 134%.  Is the lender successfully diversifying products according to their strategic plan, causing this variance? Or is there more opportunity in other terms they should be taking advantage of? The Product Manager can drill down further to determine the drivers of the difference in mix and where opportunities exist (loan amount, collateral, state, etc.).

Pricing Manager: Is my pricing aligned with that of my peers?
Where do I have opportunity for margin improvement and market share gain?

Key Insight Gained: Lender rates are substantially lower than peers (11% average versus 14% average)The lender combines this information with internal economic models (both pre and post pricing change) to evaluate if a price increase makes sense. After initial review, the lender decides to make a move and increase price. Upon post-change review, the lender sees that the rate gap to competition has closed and the market share (green line) has increased.

30+ Years
Knowledge And Data
Of The Top 50 Lenders In
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I love all of it. Sometimes we go in blind when we make recommendations. Now those recommendations would be much more powerful.

Large West Coast Credit Union

Given the last few months [market conditions], you guys are more important than you have ever been. I didn’t have to pay close attention to margins before… now I do.

Existing Benchmarking IMB Client

VP Lending

My team leverages the various market analytics platforms that Curinos offers when calibrating our pricing to ensure we’re maintaining a competitive edge in our key markets. When it comes to competitive benchmarking and overall market analytics in Real Estate lending, the solutions offered by Curinos are second to none!

Super Regional Bank

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