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Profitability Optimizer

Identify market opportunities with competitive analysis reports and actionable data

Time-saving tools that help you conduct peer and competitive analyses for peer groups

Understanding your results and how those compare to the industry is paramount in today’s market. Selecting and easily customizing the right peer group aids in analyzing performance against banks in similar markets.  

The Profitability Optimizer allows banks and credit unions to benchmark performance against any bank, credit union or peer group across the U.S., enabling users to understand their performance. Our customizable dashboards allow you to analyze your bank’s performance through call report data analysis while providing access to dozens of ways to view how you stack up against the competition. Dashboards are easy to use and customized to provide multiple views of your performance.

Assess The Competition

Conduct specific performance benchmarking against any bank, credit union or peer group.

Know Your Stats

Show how your bank stacks up against the competition and make stunning presentations a snap.

Create Reports In A Flash

Create visual Comprehensive Analysis Reports that are easily understood by the whole team.

CECL Compliance

An easy-to-use application that saves quarterly information and automatically populates your institution’s historical loss rates.

Solution Highlights

With the Profitability Analyzer, subscribers have multiple dashboards that assist in understanding their bank’s performance for use in reporting to their board and regulators.
  • Specific Performance Benchmarking
  • Interactive Reporting Solutions
  • What-if Modeling Capabilities
  • Hundreds Of Pre-Calculated Ratios
Specific Performance Benchmarking

Conduct against any bank, credit union or custom peer group. 

Interactive Reporting Solutions

Use to provide actionable intelligence for bank performance management. 

What-if Modeling Capabilities

Explore to create future projections based on past performance.

Hundreds Of Pre-Calculated Ratios

Utilize ratios that let you trend your institutions key financial measures with just a few clicks.

Years Of Financial History
Data For Institutions
Interactive Dashboards

What Our Clients Are Saying


This Product helps me identify banks like mine that are financially out-performing throughout the country. They provide me with the necessary tools to analyze how they’re doing it so I can incorporate new strategies into our business plan and out-perform. We’ve increased our performance by at least 20 basis points since we incorporated this type of peer analysis into our management plans.

$500m Savings Bank

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