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Distribution Analyzer

Dynamic workforce analytics to fuel breakthrough sales, service and staffing improvements

Understanding your performance relative to competitors is critical

Distribution Analyzer is a comparative analytics solution for distribution leaders in financial services. Market-leading performance and productivity toolsets are designed to support omnichannel performance optimization – aligning sales, service and staffing decisions to market opportunity for breakthrough improvements at the branch level.

Calibrate Sales Performance

Measure your results against peers normalized for individual branch market opportunities and disadvantages.

Increase Productivity

Redeploy staff, change the branch workforce structure and increase efficiency.

Improve Revenue Generation​

Drive cross-sell opportunities, capitalize on walk-in traffic and use market opportunity to improve sales effectiveness.

Set Attainable Targets​

Develop realistic and attainable sales goals and align productivity targets to support execution.​

Monitor Digital Quality​

Understand the quality of your digitally acquired customers in order to drive improvements in onboarding, primacy and retention.

Clients Can Interact With Distribution Analyzer Across:

  • Reporting
  • Data Extracts
  • Analytical Tools
  • SME Deep Dives

Accurate and Consistent Comparisons

Sourced from customer and account-level data, you’ll receive standard monthly performance reporting, featuring value-added metrics and peer comparisons.

Data Extracts

Timely and Flexible Delivery

Unlock access to an exportable data cube for direct querying of aggregated data in your own analytical environment, available within days of receipt from participants.

Analytical Tools

Built to drive action and success

Pre-Packaged use case tools that leverage our proprietary analytical models and performance normalization techniques to support specific actions such as goaling, staffing, sales management, onboarding improvement and more.

SME Deep Dives

Interactive sessions with Curinos leaders

Receive an annual benchmarking report and participate in a workshop with senior subject matter experts to highlight industry and institution-specific insights.

Distribution Analyzer By The Numbers

Of the Top 20 U.S. banks are sourced in our data​
Branches Analyzed Monthly​
Improvement in Performance ​

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