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Drive optimization and capture sustainable improvement for your go-to-market strategy

Improved delivery and enhanced automation of financial services

Curinos enables FinTechs to assess their competitive position, evaluate their entrance strategy and identify market opportunity. 

Explore and benchmark the digital capabilities across multiple financial products to positively impact share, margin, risk and operational execution. Through Curinos’ customer experience research, benchmarking and applied analytics, we help our clients navigate the present and prepare for the future.  

Our Solutions

Commercial Analyzer

Optimize your pricing strategy.

Retail Deposit Analyzer

Optimize your pricing and deposit strategy.

Treasury Analyzer

Intelligence that enables more accurate ALM, FTP and more effective ALCO committee decisions.

Commercial Digital Analyzer

Build a better commercial digital experience.

Retail Deposit Pricing Data

Industry leading deposit solutions that enable effective pricing decisions to positively impact your portfolio.

Digital Banking Analyzer

Enhance your user experience in today’s digital first world.

LendersBenchmark Analyzer

Maximize your lending performance.

Lending Pricing Data

Comprehensive insight into lenders relative pricing position.

Lenders Margin Analyzer

Adjust and capitalize on your competitive lending position.

Commercial Optimizer

Precision customer management to improve the profitability and growth of commercial relationships.

Lenders Optimizer

Allows lenders to create a more sophisticated and targeted rate strategy to balance and prioritize origination targets, credit risk distribution and profitability.

Retail Deposit Optimizer

Precision deposit management, to manage and improve profitability and growth of deposits products and customers.

Case Studies​

Trust and Technology

Case Study Winter 2019

What Our Clients Are Saying

SVP Capital Markets

By leveraging the Curinos solution set, we were able to hold margins at an elevated level for an extended period of time, which ultimately materialized in above average gain-on sale performance.

Large National Independent Mortgage Company

I don’t know what I don’t know. Your data is enlightening, especially in this market.

Regional Midwest Bank

Marcus Burgess, Head of Online and Mobile

The Digital Banking Analyzer gives us a high-level view of which digital feature could give us competitive advantage and a granular view of the mechanics behind such features and journeys. These insights play a fundamental part in the planning, prioritizing, and building of our core user journeys.


VP Lending

My team leverages the various market analytics platforms that Curinos offers when calibrating our pricing to ensure we’re maintaining a competitive edge in our key markets. When it comes to competitive benchmarking and overall market analytics in Real Estate lending, the solutions offered by Curinos are second to none!

Super Regional Bank

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