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Keys to Success for Effective Personalization

Sarah Welch, Director, Curinos
Paul Kadin, Managing Partner, Resonance LLC
Bernie Yu, SVP Corporate Strategy, ADARA

Any company that is unable to be responsive to its customers’ behavior and fails to interact with them in relevant ways won’t have those customers for long.Today’s savvy consumers are expecting the brands they do business with to harness their digital exhaust in order to deliver seamless, personalized experiences. But even with all the technological advances in the marketplace, many brands are still struggling to deliver marketing interactions that evoke a sense of connection…of true relationship. What are the roadblocks to cultivating digital empathy?Join Sarah Welch, Director, Head of Marketing Solutions at Curinos and Paul Kadin, Managing Partner at Resonance LLC for a conversation with Bernie Yu, SVP Corporate Strategy at ADARA as they discuss how marketers can build the foundation for an effective, data-driven personalization strategy that doesn’t require incremental armies to deploy. Register now to view the presentation and a robust Q&A session.

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