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Email Marketing from the Frontlines

A Financial-Services Marketing Officer Discusses What it’s Like to Deploy Email Campaigns with AI Technology

Tell us about your role at the bank…

As a digital marketing specialist, I was responsible for end-to-end email marketing and communications for the organization. I had a profound role in content strategy, design and template development, email coding, configuring set up and execution, and campaign reporting and analysis for all ad-hoc campaigns and automated programs.

How did your job change when you started using Amplero?

Amplero heavily shaped my expertise through the process of scientific marketing, which opened boundless possibilities for execution.

Through Amplero’s experimental design, we developed unparalleled testing possibilities through different testing parameter types beyond standard subject line and imagery testing. For example, I hadn’t previously considered testing the tone of a message, and through our testing, I found this had a drastic impact on engagement and conversions. And instead of running standard a/b testing that yielded a single winner, we now had more intelligent and multi-variate tests at a scale we could not have executed in-house.

From a creative perspective, our minds completely blossomed. Before introducing Amplero, we leveraged a traditional product-marketing approach that highlighted product benefits in a laundry list fashion. After launching Amplero, we challenged the notion of how we say things and how different customers respond to them. There was no longer one “right way” of writing copy or designing imagery– throwing our standard playbook out the window. Instead, it truly opened the door to understanding how our customer segments respond to different things, ultimately converting customers more efficiently.

And with our focus on launching always-on campaigns via Amplero, we leveraged this intelligence to build more sophisticated programs in-house to support our business goals and customer needs.

Amplero heavily shaped my expertise through the process of scientific marketing, which opened boundless possibilities for execution.

What were some of the major adjustments in your day-to-day routine?

Writing style. There was a learning curve with adjusting our mental approach to writing copy. Our new creative tests stretched our creative muscles to write to distinct tones and message variations that expanded our usual brand voice and core value propositions.

Content scope. Our creative briefs became more extensive as we explored multiple message parameters, tones, and imagery; more significant than a typical ad-hoc campaign. Our creative team spent more time on a project than they would normally, so we adjusted our resources and processes to be more supportive.

Reporting. The quality of metrics and insights dramatically improved. We had richer material at our fingertips and could see when problems like high engagement with poor downstream conversion were happening and to whom.

Any words of wisdom for fellow marketing managers?

Setting expectations and agreeing on KPIs go a long way. Personalization is hard to measure, and while you will see instant insights on customer responses by segment, performance overall may not always equal the sum of its parts. Agreeing on the KPIs from the beginning helps.

Always-on doesn’t translate to set-it-and-forget-it. To fuel the engine effectively, you need to prioritize ongoing content development to expand the Amplero marketing library, leveraging learned insights. Our solution was to build a task force that focused on continuous development.

Data cleanliness is a must. Establishing always-on eligibility rules that triggered daily emails exposed some issues with our data that we hadn’t yet discovered. For instance, we realized an intermittent data lag would cause specific customers to fall into false eligibility. Thankfully, we could pause email sends to put additional data measures in place and resume marketing quickly.

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