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Grab The Brass Ring

Welcome to the Curinos Review

Welcome to the Winter 2022 issue of the Curinos Review.

“Grab The Brass Ring” is filled with articles about the opportunities that await financial-services providers in these tumultuous times. The expansion of net interest margins that accompanies rising rates has contributed to industrywide profitability. Still, there is enormous uncertainty about what is ahead in 2023. That means strategic planning and agility will be critical to ensure financial institutions maintain momentum — no matter what’s coming down the pike.

We start by taking the pulse of the critical deposit landscape. It is quite clear that the surge deposits generated at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic are now leaving the system. But there is widespread deposit divergence among institutions, and it appears that some are already coming under funding pressure. Attention to funding quality will be paramount in 2023, no matter if the economic landing is soft or hard. We also outline a range of deposit strategies to
attract the valuable episodic shopper, some of which are already being deployed in the U.K.

In addition, we also provide a “cheat sheet” for the C-suite that encapsulates the current state of play in the industry, along with what bears watching in 2023.

Despite the opportunities, there’s no question that there are significant challenges. We assess the latest upheaval among fintechs and examine what it takes to excel in this market. And we outline the potential risks to capital and funding levels that are tied to embedded losses in securities portfolios. Often overlooked, the issue is now drawing attention from bank treasurers. Could regulators and rating agencies be next?

This issue also digs into the changing economics of serving mass-market consumers and highlights some investing research that we recently conducted in the U.K. The upshot: consumers are frustrated by complicated digital investment applications and a lack of functionality after they log into their accounts.

We hope you take the time during this busy time of year to delve into the year’s final issue of the Curinos Review. And even more importantly, we wish you peace, health and happiness for 2023.

Craig Woodward, CEO

The Surge Recedes: Where U.S. Deposit Levels May Be Headed From Here

U.S. bank deposits are in decline, down 2.4% since peaking in April 2022. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but those declines are unprecedented. And they translate to $440 billion in deposit outflows from banks.

December 19, 2022

The Changing Economics Of Mass-Market Banking

Old-fashioned consumer banking is facing some very modern challenges.

December 19, 2022

A Message For The C-Suite

Leaders in the financial-services industry will have a lot on their plates in 2023 as they navigate a fragile global economy, rising (and maybe falling) interest rates and scrutiny from regulators.

December 17, 2022

How To Capture Episodic Rate Shoppers

You don't need consumer deposits now, but what if you do need them in 2023?

December 19, 2022

Hello To 2023!

Curinos hosted a Dec. 6 webinar titled “The Year Ahead: How to Tackle the Challenges of 2023.” This session features commentary by leading Curinos experts.

December 19, 2022

Bank Securities Portfolios: A Growing Threat To Financial Results

Often-overlooked securities portfolios are attracting attention from bank treasurers as the effects of higher rates reverberate throughout the industry.

December 19, 2022

Optimizing The Branch Network: From Divesting To Investing

Network optimization continues to evolve, and the tools of choice have moved from the hatchet and scythe to the scalpel and spade

December 19, 2022

U.K. Consumers To Investment Providers: Don’t Make It So Hard

Consumers want their financial providers to smooth the process of investing online.

December 19, 2022

Has The Fintech Shake-Out Begun?

The past three years have been good to most fintechs, spectacular to some

At the Podium with Curinos

We are always delighted to share our insights at industry conferences or our own events. Here is a sampling of them. Please reach out to the session leaders or Curinos Review Editor Robin Sidel if you missed any of these events and would like to know more about the content that was presented.


Director Brad Resnick discussed how to “Maintain Member Value As Rates Rise” with credit unions in an Oct. 6 webinar.

Director Andrew Hovet spoke about customer behavioral trends, branch consolidation and workforce repositioning in an Oct. 21 webinar titled “Network Optimization: Moving from a Hatchet to a Scalpel.”

John Sayre, vice president of client success for real estate, returned to the The Chrisman Commentary podcast on Oct. 24 to discuss recent trends in mortgage data and the appeal of HELOCs and home equity loans.


Directors Adam Stockton, Peter Serene and Greg Muenzen discussed “Rising Rates: How to Navigate Deposit Runoff, Churn and Increasing Betas” in a Nov. 2 webinar.

John Sayre, vice president of client success for real estate, and Ken Flaherty, consumer lending analyst, hosted a webinar titled “Home Equity According to Curinos” on Nov. 9.


Pete Gilchrist, EVP, head of retail deposits and commercial banking, Suraya Randawa, head of omnichannel experience, and Brandonn Dukes, EVP, head of real estate and consumer lending, discussed “The Year Ahead: How to Tackle the Challenges of 2023” in a Dec. 6 webinar.

Directors Adam Stockton, Peter Serene and Greg Muenzen discussed “Outflows and Betas Accelerate: Trends for CDA Subscribers” in a Dec. 7 webinar.

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