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Network Optimization: Moving from a Hatchet to a Scalpel Webinar

Andrew Hovet | Director, Curinos

The pandemic has introduced dramatic change in retail banking, with transaction volumes down over 30% (and not returning) and rapid shifts in sales activity from branch to digital. The combination of customer behavioral shifts with rising rates, reduced loan demand, and higher salary expenses will drive financial institutions to again look for operating expense savings. Curinos believes CFOs will be asking Heads of Retail for another round of branch closures, and it will be imperative to “get it right” this time.

Despite shifting preferences toward digital, regional banks, community banks, and credit unions are still highly dependent on branch presence to drive sales – even if those sales come through digital channels. Financial institutions have difficulty breaking through with limited branch share in a market, and risk significant loss in sales if they reduce presence in markets with more density.

With the low hanging fruit plucked long ago, network planning decisions require more precision, supported by robust analytics, in order to make the right decisions. Banks and credit unions not only need to select the right branches to close, but they also need to consider repositioning the network for long term growth with selective relocations and 2-for-1s. Additionally, some of the savings from closures need to be reinvested in marketing and digital to sustain customer growth.

1. Customer behavioral trends and impacts on network performance
2. Critical decision criteria for identifying branch consolidations (and market repositioning)
3. Considerations for a holistic approach to network and workforce optimization

1. Understanding of bank/credit union post-pandemic performance relative to peers
2. Ideas for developing business cases for network and workforce optimization
3. Rationale for proactively getting ahead of the eventual ask from the CFO and managing your destiny

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