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National Home Equity Forecast

Having an accurate forecast matters.

Through home lending data assets, market expertise and proven forecast modeling, Curinos offers lenders the most comprehensive Home Equity forecasting insights available.

The National Home Equity Forecast’s outputs allow lenders to rely upon expert third-party perspectives on the Home Equity market for better resource and capital allocation, and prudent balance sheet management.

National Home Equity Forecast Model Performance

Curinos is deeply rooted in model development and foundationally based upon unique industry expertise and an unparalleled depth of market data. Leveraging multiple closely aligned micro/macroeconomic correlators and lender-sourced market origination data, Curinos has developed the industry’s first National Home Equity Forecast. Through numerous regression model analyses and stress-tested multiple-market-conditioned forecasts, Curinos’ long history of forecasting accuracy gives lenders confidence to leverage our insights to better align their budgets and goals for the road ahead.
What do Curinos experts project for the 2024 National Home Equity Forecast?

Solution Highlights

  • Existing Client Accessibility
  • Strategic Advisory
Existing Client Accessibility

Exclusive access to quarterly National Home Equity Forecast details.

Strategic Advisory
  • Scoped to lender requirements by
    • Region
    • Product
  • Ability to overlay branch equity/deposit share analysis
  • Consultative advisory delivery based upon Curinos’ proprietary modeled insights
Access to the largest market consortium for small business, mortgage and consumer lending with $2.5T of loan volume tracked representing 7MM total transactions, lenders can:

Monitor Lending Performance

Weekly insight into key performance indicators across vital loan attributes.


Measure volume response to changes in margin.

Increase Lending Volume

Understand market mix and volume opportunities.

Regional and product-specific forecasting, fueled by proprietary dynamic modeling.

The Curinos data science team presents dynamic modelling, allowing regional- and product-specific forecasts leveraging data assets across a shifting market and considering historical and forecasted macroeconomic model drivers.

The National Home Equity Forecast allows financial institutions to:
  • Align internal budget with likelihood of market potential and borrower demand
  • Minimize over/underestimation of market growth
  • Allocate resources and marketing spend more accurately
  • Control expenses and set treasury expectations with higher confidence
  • Set strategic product development and pricing strategies
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Knowledge And Data
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What Our Clients Are Saying

I love all of it. Sometimes we go in blind when we make recommendations. Now those recommendations would be much more powerful.

Large West Coast Credit Union

Given the last few months [market conditions], you guys are more important than you have ever been. I didn’t have to pay close attention to margins before… now I do.

Existing Benchmarking IMB Client

VP Lending

My team leverages the various market analytics platforms that Curinos offers when calibrating our pricing to ensure we’re maintaining a competitive edge in our key markets. When it comes to competitive benchmarking and overall market analytics in Real Estate lending, the solutions offered by Curinos are second to none!

Super Regional Bank

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