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National Home Equity Forecast Sample

Curinos projects continued challenges for the road ahead in 2024.
The 2024 National Home Equity Forecast suggests a tale of two stories is likely to play out this year. Sustained high rates and lower Consumer Confidence Indexes (CCI) are the main drivers behind H1-24 projections indicating material origination declines as compared to H1-23. 
However, with many unknown macro-economic factors that lye ahead in 2024, along with a Presidential election year are likely to cause additional uncertainty as to the turnaround and velocity of the potential turnaround for Home Equity in H2-24.  Depending on the timing of potential improvements in macro trends such as Homeownership Rates, Home Affordability, and the projected timing of the rate curve softening, are key elements Curinos is tracking to determine the path ahead for the remainder of 2024 and the start-point for 2025. 

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