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The Year Ahead: Planning For Success In 2024

Higher rates, stiffer competition and tighter regulations — these are among the key challenges that financial institutions will face in the coming year.
Watch our 2024 Outlook webinar, where Curinos experts’ share their views on what to expect in the new year and how banks and credit unions can profitably plot a course through this tricky terrain, including:
  • Locating where we are in the deposit repricing cycle
  • Identifying the best opportunities in the lending space
  • Explaining why every bank must embrace personalization
And as an added bonus, each Curinos panelist offers a bold prediction on an outcome or emerging trend they expect to see in 2024.
  • Adam Stockton, Managing Director & Head of Retail Deposits
  • Pete Gilchrist, EVP
  • Suraya Randawa, Head of Omnichannel Experience
  • Brandon Larson, EVP

Want to skip ahead to portions of the webinar most relevant to your business? Time stamp cheat sheet below.

1:21:    How are we thinking about the strength of the U.S. and global economies in the coming year and, generally speaking, what does that bode for banks?

5:14:    What will it take to grow deposits in this environment, and should deposit growth even be a priority now for many banks?

11:15:    How much of deposit growth will go to digital banks in 2024?

14:06:    What are some of the key strategies and tactics can institutions use in 2024 to grow deposits without relying solely on rate?

23:50:    What’s our view on how to best navigate the CD rollover challenge in the early months of 2024 and then for the rest of the year as well?

27:53:    Looking ahead to 2024, where do we see the best lending opportunities for banks and credit unions?

37:24:    Where might we see more budget tightening in 2024?

44:52:    What do we foresee in terms of how generative AI and other technology will continue to grow in importance in the coming year?

47:32:   Speed round

  • What do we see in terms of key regulatory activity that would impact profitability?
  • Where will open banking go in 2024, both in overseas markets and in the U.S.?
  • What do we expect in the banking-related M&A space?
  • What might the 2024 election cycle that mean for the industry?

50:41:    Q&A period

  • Tradeoffs between focusing on money market accounts versus CDs
  • Finance-related positive impacts and ‘costs’ associated with AI in the short term
  • Major disruptions that banks marketing departments should be prepare for in 2024
  • The trend of money market funds flowing into CDs to potentially reverse or continue
  • The impact of Section 1071

57:20:    Bold predictions for 2024 by each panelist

  • 2024 is going to be the year of customer deepening and relationship management
  • Banks will do an amazing job at asset growth despite all the challenges
  • Banks will add more friction digital account opening to control fraud
  • Banks will overestimate the pace at which the Fed cuts interest rates
  • Want to go further?

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