Hello To 2023!

Curinos hosted a Dec. 6 webinar titled “The Year Ahead: How to Tackle the Challenges of 2023.” This session featured commentary by leading Curinos experts. Below are some of our thoughts about what to expect in 2023, as well as results from questions posed to the webinar audience.

Which scenario do you currently believe is the most likely to come true in 2023?
Where do you think the fed funds rate (upper end of target range now 400 bp) will be at the end of 2023?

Everyone needs to think about how to gear up for a more personalized, proactive and responsive experience. One-size-fits-all approaches are going to feel very out of date and really out of sync with consumers.”

Lenders need to have flexibility in their offerings and the ability to pivot from one customer to another, highlighted by mortgage versus home equity. But in all spaces of lending, we just need to be able to focus on the customer.”

With a change in both the political and economic climate in 2023, how will this impact the focus on financial wellness?
How advanced do you perceive your organization’s personalized communications to be compared with big tech companies like Amazon?

It's going to be a year focused on deposit betas. It's going to be a year to focus on how our deposit costs look relative to others, what the marginal costs of our funds are and how we can fund what will be a good year for loan growth.”

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