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AI-Powered Personalization Can Help Sustain Marketing Lift

Personalization designed to improve lift through optimization engines is built into most banking tech stacks. Many produce some lift initially but then flatline as teams need to retain data and write new rules. This can be time-consuming and expensive as bank marketers continuously learn and relearn their customer data and the performance of their marketing collateral. 

Enter AI that can sustain lift by continuously updating optimization so marketers don’t have to. After initial model training and launch, an ongoing AI-fueled bandit model can update and maintain program performance while at the same time enabling new assets, strategies and programs to be tested and optimized. The result: incremental lift without the lag (see chart). 

But a few words of caution: Be sure to check under the hood to make sure what’s being called AI really can continuously teach itself, rather than depending on human intervention, to keep lift going in the right direction.  

An AI-Fueled Bandit Model Can Continually Improve Marketing Lift.

April 9, 2024

How Does Branch Consolidation Affect Your Results?

Most regional banks have reduced their branch networks over the last three years, but there’s been significant divergence in their results, according to Curinos’ BranchScape.

April 4, 2024

2024 TM Pricing Outlook: Exception Pricing Gains

With continued net interest income pressures and competition for deposits, treasury management (TM) pricing is one of the quickest levers to pull to drive fee revenues and protect balances at risk of remixing to interest-bearing options.

April 2, 2024

Falling CD Rates? Whew! Well, Maybe Not.

Even with higher rates, CD retention rates have been about 85%. That’s the good news.
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