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Marketers: Be Ready To Test At Scale

Amplero Masterclass: Reinforcement Learning for Data Marketers - How to Incorporate It Into Your Workflow

In this masterclass learn:

  • How data analysts are shortening the path to operationalized insights
  • How banks are evolving past basic propensity modeling
  • Best practices for multivariant AB testing at scale
  • Data Mesh architecture
  • Operationalizing reinforcement learning in 2024

Recent incremental rate rises and sudden shocks to the banking system have highlighted that marketing data specialists relying on quarterly analysis and testing are not moving fast enough. Further changes to interest rates and the economic environment in 2024 could make data inefficiencies much more apparent.

The Amplero Navigating Planning Season masterclass series has been designed to equip marketing teams with the tools, insights, and best practices necessary to be ready for 2024. This episode is for those focused on Data.

More In The Series:

In this masterclass learn:

  • How marketers are optimizing now to onboard more customers while deepening new and existing relationships
  • Mechanisms bank marketers will be using in 2024 to increase value per customer
  • How marketers are turning away from rule-based systems to amplify personalization

In this masterclass learn:

  • How CMOs at different types of bank are budgeting this marketing season
  • Why CMOs must be involved in conversations about pricing and rate strategies
  • The deposit battle and how CMOs can inform their teams
  • Targeted marketing, data analytics, and boiling personalization into the overall marketing strategy

Personalize With Us:

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Customers expect personalized experiences across all industries, including banking. Personalization is no longer just a trend; it has become a necessity for financial institutions to stay competitive and meet evolving customer expectations. While personalization initiatives often involve multiple departments within a bank, marketing should take the lead in driving and executing these efforts. At FinovateSpring, our team demonstrated the power of Amplero Personalization Optimizer and its closed-loop AI test and learn engine that delivers optimal treatments tailored to each customers expectation and need.

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