Opportunity Lost: Retail Sales Underperformance

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In a world where sales are increasingly shifting to digital channels, maximizing the branch sales throughput is critical to achieving the necessary relationship depth with customers. Curinos has been working with banks for over 10 years, leveraging market opportunity combined with cross-bank data to understand opportunity normalized branch sales performance. These data can be used to both diagnose sales performance on a product-by-product basis, as well as inform annual performance goals.
This Webinar Helps You: 
  1. Understand recent trends in branch (and digital) sales performance
  2. Learn how leading banks are able to diagnose branch sales performance leveraging opportunity and cross-bank data
  3. See the process of aligning opportunity and sales performance goals that can aid growth from 10-20%
  • Andrew Hovet, Director, Curinos
  • Steve Sutker, Manager, Curinos
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