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How Essential Analytics Can Drive An Effective Deposit Strategy

Community banks and credit unions continue to see significant deposit-related headwinds in 2024 as both betas and competition from neobanks and fintechs increases. This challenge to profitability will intensify as large volumes of CDs mature and reprice. For many institutions, just maintaining current deposit levels may be a struggle.
Join deposit strategy experts from Curinos for an insightful webinar focusing on the essential analytics needed to navigate and succeed in this difficult environment. With many bank teams being forced to manage across multiple fronts, we share practical tips for streamlining your analytical focus and succeeding without deep FTE and technology investment.
  1. The high-impact trends and potential pitfalls in today’s deposit market
  2. How institutions can streamline the decision/action cycle and move more efficiently from problem to solution
  3. The possible challenges we anticipate in mid- to late-2024 and how decisions today can head off problems tomorrow
  1. Understand market challenges and what may come next
  2. Discover efficient solutions to complex deposit problems
  3. Learn how to attain results and achieve bottom line targets, without driving up expenses

Speakers: Agusta Patton, Director | Adam Stockton, Managing Director – Head of Retail Deposits & Lending| Brad Resnick, Director – Deposits

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