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HELOC Balance Growth Can Be Achieved! Is Your Growth Strategy Working?

HELOC originations struggled to gain traction for many banks and credit unions in 2023, putting more emphasis on growing portfolio balances through their existing book of business. 
In this webinar, hosted by Curinos’ Home Equity experts Ken Flaherty, Kinley Hicks and Richard Martin, lenders will gain insights into key strategies for growing and retaining Home Equity balances. Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to identify growth opportunities within their balance sheet, through Curinos’ Home Equity Portfolio data insights, and how to apply real-time data to achieve more effective customer targeting and incremental balance growth.
  1. Learn about real-time portfolio performance and market opportunities from Curinos’ Home Equity experts.
  2. Gain insights into winning strategies to both grow your Home Equity portfolio and retain balances within it.
  3. Hear what strategies lenders are using today to optimally grow their portfolio even as Home Equity originations decelerate.

Speakers: Richard Martin, Director – Home Lending, Markets Division | Ken Flaherty, Home Equity Manager| Kinley Hicks, Home Equity Market Analyst

March 14, 2024 | 2 PM ET

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