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Creating A Winning Deposit Strategy In 2024

About the webinar:

U.S. financial institution deposits are down more than $650 billion over the past 12 months and net interest margins have rapidly narrowed. This challenge to profitability stands to intensify in the coming months as an escalating volume of low-rate CDs reach maturity. Banks seeking to attract new deposits and retain existing money face a pair of unappealing options: Pay more to keep these funds or lose them to more aggressive competitors.

Join deposit strategy experts from Curinos for an insightful webinar that will dig deep into the data to identify the dominant trends in the deposit space today and how those trends will likely evolve in the coming year.

This webinar covers:
What can banks and credit unions do on the deposit side to find a middle ground between volumes and margins?

  1. How can institutions effectively navigate the changing CD landscape as the “area of indifference” continues to shrink?
  2. What challenges will lie ahead as rates plateau and fall, and what do you need to do now to prepare?

Presenter: Adam Stockton, Managing Director, Curinos

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