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Introducing the Overdraft Q&A Series

Introducing the Curinos Overdraft Fee Q&A Series: Risk of Acquisition Decline

Based on Curinos consumer research data, there is a risk of a 27% decline in new-to-bank acquisition for traditional banks and credit unions who don’t take transformative action. Given this product climate, there are key questions we are supporting our bank and credit union clients with.

    1. What is the industry climate?
    2. How does regulatory pressure impact us?
    3. What should we do in the face of this pressure?
    4. What is the impact if we do not act now?

Over the next four weeks Curinos will be providing you with valuable insight that addresses these key questions and what the next steps should be for your company.

Our aim is to utilize Curinos solutions that help you rethink your product and fee strategy to minimize the risk of acquisition decline. 

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