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MBCA CFO Conference

On February 15th, Bob Warnock and Pete Gilchrist delivered a presentation at the Mid-Sized Bank Coalition of America (MBCA) CFO Round Table in Boca Raton, Florida. The MBCA is an organization focused on serving as a “self-help” community for America’s mid-size banks with assets between approximately $8 and $100 billion.

MBCA’s CFO Round Table featured an array of discussions about pressing financial management issues for America’s main street banks. Curinos’ session titled Decoding Deposit Trends: What is Working discussed the impacts of rising rates and increased competition on deposit stability and cost, including a deep dive into granular deposit and customer trends that showed how different types of banks are winning and losing with various strategies across different customer bases.

In short, Bob and Pete highlighted that with industry NIM at or near peak, they expect earnings growth will require excellent discipline in managing each dollar or interest and non-interest expense. They encouraged CFOs to arm themselves with the best data and analytics possible to make the difficult decisions necessary to chart a successful course over 2023 and beyond.

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