How Agile Deposit Promotions Will Help You Navigate Market Uncertainty Webinar

Sarah Welch | Managing Director, Curinos

In recent years, banks and credit unions have grown accustomed to a plentiful supply of low-cost deposits as consumers and businesses became more conservative with their cash in light of the pandemic. But recent geopolitical instability and the lingering disruptions of COVID, both of which are impacting global supply chains and commodity prices has changed all that. The Fed has lifted its benchmark overnight interest rate by 225 points this year to a target range of 2.25% to 2.50% — ending higher than the peak in the last cycle — in just 1 year!

In this uncertain context, the central challenge for banks will be to figure out how to protect and defend their existing book — while at least getting a fair share of deposit growth without heating up the rest of the book.

The ability to dynamically respond to changes in the market will be an important advantage when prices are moving as quickly as they are expected to. Unfortunately for most, marketing campaigns still require at least a four-to-six-week lead time to execute – add four-to-six more if you want to include some A/B or multivariate testing for optimization. By the time you get out of the gates, it’s a very real possibility that the market will have moved on.

In this webinar, we will share specific strategies for navigating the tightrope walk of the current deposit environment.

1. The five different segments of depositors all banks must learn how to manage
2. Critical promotional variables to develop a test-and-learn agenda around
3. An approach to dynamically generating personalized promotional treatments

1. Gain insight into customer dynamics that impact price sensitivity
2. Learn how smarter promotional marketing can help minimize your cost of funds
3. Understand your marketing team’s executional constraints and how to better navigate them

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