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Want Small Business Deposits? Focus On Primacy

Deposit betas for small business customers and members are consistently lower than those of consumers and commercial entities. So it’s no wonder that providers increasingly look to small businesses to help lower their deposit acquisition and retention costs. But maximizing their efficiency requires more than a focus on deposits – it also requires primacy.  

Curinos research finds that, 36 months after account opening, small business deposit balances are 2.3 times higher for customers with a lending relationship than those without lending.  

This is compelling evidence of the long-term value of nurturing broader banking relationships. By cultivating comprehensive banking partnerships through access to credit and other services, banks can realize sustained growth, greater stability and lower costs in their deposit portfolios. 

Deposit Retention With Vs. Without Lending Relationship​

After three years, deposit balances among small business customers with a lending relationship are 2.3 times that of those without one​​.
Deposit Retention With vs. Without Lending Relationship​
Disguised analysis for customers opening up their first account between 3/1/19 and 4/30/21; Results averaged across resulting monthly vintages. Excludes customers with >$5mm in deposit balances.​

April 9, 2024

How Does Branch Consolidation Affect Your Results?

Most regional banks have reduced their branch networks over the last three years, but there’s been significant divergence in their results, according to Curinos’ BranchScape.

April 4, 2024

2024 TM Pricing Outlook: Exception Pricing Gains

With continued net interest income pressures and competition for deposits, treasury management (TM) pricing is one of the quickest levers to pull to drive fee revenues and protect balances at risk of remixing to interest-bearing options.

April 2, 2024

Falling CD Rates? Whew! Well, Maybe Not.

Even with higher rates, CD retention rates have been about 85%. That’s the good news.
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