5 Strategies For Reducing Consumer Deposit Interest Expense


Brad Resnick – Director, Retail Deposits
Ray Montague – VP Client Success, Deposit Products

Curinos expects interest rates to stay higher for longer and that deposit growth will remain a challenge. In this challenging environment, community banks and credit unions face an urgent need to explore cost-effective growth and retention opportunities.

Join us for a high-impact webinar that will provide practical insights and actionable strategies to better position your institution for success in a dynamic deposit marketplace.

  • Embrace the new deposit terrain: Prepare more effectively for the challenges and opportunities in the current deposit market.
  • Develop go-to-market strategies: Determine the right pricing zone for your growth target and alternative non-rate-based opportunities.
  • Optimize pricing and products: Learn how to leverage customer data to create targeted pricing models to enhance competitiveness.
  • Manage term maturities: Find out more about CD retention risk in 2024 and how to fine-tune pricing to avoid funding gaps or unnecessary interest expense.
  • Hone your competitive edge: Analyze market trends, benchmark industry leaders, and develop unique value propositions that set your institution apart.

The data-driven insights shared during this webinar will help you navigate the evolving deposit landscape with greater confidence so you can achieve better business results.

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