Digital Banking Analyzer

How we Help – Prioritization

You’re busy and resources are tight – let us handle the research for you  

With the Digital Banking Analyzer by Curinos, supercharge your UX team’s planning efforts with a broader understanding of the market at-large. Curinos’ analysts understand your pain points large and small and can support you in building solutions that benefit your customers.


Track granular market changes. 

Identify the features and functionality leading brands are using to gain customers and uncover opportunities for growth.

Consider the leaders in digital capability.

Curinos’ Action-Communication-Experience (ACE) scoring categorizes brands’ functional capabilities against current and future market standards. 

Built for easy and effective collaboration. 

Provide your key stakeholders with what they need. Directly share DBA data at speed to efficiently support your recommendations.   
Gain a deeper understanding of market trends.  

With the Data Explorer, build a high-level assessment of what features and functionality Curinos-tracked institutions in a specific asset tier are rolling out to users.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Product Team

The Digital Banking Analyzer helps us understand if our competitors have functionality that we currently have or plan to have in the future. The Feature Explorer allows us to see what those features might be called and how the user experience is.

Tier I Bank (UK)

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