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Digital Banking Analyzer

How we Help – Implementation

A wide range of customer segments now cite digital as their primary banking channel. This has led to a competitive market in which personalized experiences and rapid development are critical. Track and analyze relevant roadmaps with searches tailored to your products and platform categorized by online and mobile onboarding and servicing all in the Digital Banking Analyzer by Curinos.


Pinpoint opportunities among practical applications.

Search for journeys in checking accounts, small business banking, open banking, unsecured lending, savings, payments and innovations, investments, credit cards, and mortgages – with new products frequently added. 

Gauge the effectiveness of user journeys around the world.  

With regularly updated visuals, see how banks, credit unions, and fintechs are shaping their digital experiences, allowing you identify potential pain points and performance gaps to tweak in your own projects.

Curate a collection.

Drag and drop relevant single screenshots or entire journeys into customizable collections to create an easily shareable ‘best of’ presentation for your team. 

Digital Banking Analyzer By The Numbers

Journeys Mapped
Screenshots Indexed

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