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Digital Banking Analyzer

Banking tech vendors: Are your customers and competitors getting an inside view on what your platforms can really do?

Digital product and UX teams at leading banks, regional banks, community banks, and credit unions have exclusive access to competitive intelligence to see how vendors and their client banks measure up. With the Digital Banking Analyzer, they get exclusive access to 180,000+ US and Global checking account digital banking capabilities and more.

Stay ahead of vendor competition and client demand:

  • See real competitor vendor implementations and updates
  • Get a view on how digital leaders build out their own in-house innovations
  • Get objective data on where you stand against the competition
  • Handle client objections or hearsay with real data
  • Facilitate sales by diagnosing prospects’ capability gaps

For a limited time, Curinos is offering the Vendor Benchmark Report to new subscribers to the Curinos Digital Banking Analyzer. Get head-to-head comparisons of leading mobile and online banking vendors across key customer journeys and views of  live implementations.

See our coverage of different Vendor platforms for Retail Checking mobile and online banking:

  • NCR – 10+ FI brand implementations
  • Backbase – 10+ FI brand implementations
  • Q2 – 10 FI brand implementations
  • FIS – 9 FI brand implementations
  • Alkami – 7 FI brand implementations
  • Fiserv – 7 FI brand implementations
  • and many more…

The Digital Banking Analyzer delivers unparalleled insight into the customer journeys and digital experiences created by leading banking tech vendors by providing comprehensive financial product coverage for account opening and mobile and online servicing experiences.

Find out more about our coverage of Small Business Checking, Credit Cards, Unsecured Lending, Mortgage, Savings, Commercial Banking and Investments.

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