Retail Deposits: Rate and Fee Data

Real-time market intelligence for better product and pricing decisions

Make more informed pricing decisions in a rapidly changing market

With rates on the rise, financial institutions need to understand their position in the market more than ever. Knowing where you stand relative to your peers in a volatile market is key to successfully monitoring trends and making informed decisions. With deposit data available from over 3,600 financial institutions, you can quickly and easily identify opportunities to increase revenue, helping you to understand customer behaviors, know how to respond to market shifts and make more informed strategic deposit pricing decisions.

Monitor Your Market Position
Understand what's going on in real-time to see if you are positioned appropriately against your peers.
Manage Pricing Decisions In Real-Time
Gauge the impact of rate and fee promotions on your bottom line with an easy-to-read report.
Manage Product Structure And Features​
Understand how your competition is behaving today; and how to plan how aggressively you need to act tomorrow.

Solution Highlights

Understanding how the market moves and how your bank performs against peers is critical. Our solutions provide actionable insights that deliver a better understanding of how competing institutions are currently priced, allowing you to acquire and retain more deposits.

  • Timely, Granular Market Insight
  • Meeting-Ready Rate And Fee Reporting
  • Identify Hidden Opportunities
  • 24/7 Rate And Fee Integration
Timely, Granular Market Insight

Powered with data from over 3,600 named institutions.

Meeting-Ready Rate And Fee Reporting

Customize the frequency, format and depth of what you receive to fit your needs.

Identify Hidden Opportunities

Insights that can help increase revenue and decrease operational cost.

24/7 Rate And Fee Integration

Analyze current and historical trends, track competitors and integrate rate and fee analysis into your everyday workflow with our online Informagic portal.

Years History Of Data And Expertise
Named Institutional Data Available
Client Increase In Share Of Wallet And Improved Margins ​
5-10 bps
Average Savings By Appropriate Rate Pricing​

Sample Reports

Customizable, flexible and affordable rate and fee reports let you select and compare yourself to peer groups to identify revenue opportunities and fee changes so you can act quickly.

We offer instant access to downloadable reports and self-service options that give you access to the critical information you need.

Deposit Rate Sample Report

Deposit Rate Report Overview​

Product Fee Sample Report

Product Fee Overview

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