Measure Your Way to More Primary Customers

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Sponsored by: Consumer Bankers Association

Mike Jiwani, Director
Adam Stockton, Director

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While some banks have pumped the breaks on acquiring primary customers, others have recognized that they are “on sale” and now is the time to double down. So how do you measure and manage your way to more primary customers?

The key lies in good data and segmentation. Most banks can measure checking activity by tracking direct deposits or the number of transactions per month but struggle to translate that into measuring and managing primacy. With the right segmentation applied, banks can uncover things like which customers are not fully engaged but could be pulled in with outreach by the bank; or which customers are motivated by incentives (rate or cash) and which are motivated by other factors.

Watch on-demand as Curinos experts discuss how banks are exposing key customer attributes to develop customer primacy segmentation that drives growth.

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