Treasury Strategies, a division of Curinos, Inc.

Treasury Strategies, a division of Curinos, Inc. was founded in 1982.  It is a leading treasury consultancy working with public and private sector treasury organizations and their financial and technology services providers. Our firm maintains offices in the U.S. Canada, Australia, and the U.K. and has over 400 employees.  Our experience and thought leadership in corporate treasury management, banking, risk management, working capital, liquidity, and payments, combined with our comprehensive view of the market, rewards our clients with a unique perspective and actionable solutions.

Services Offered

  • Selection services
  • Implementation Services
  • Procure-to-pay assessment and optimization
  • Order-to-cash assessment and optimization
  • Cash conversion cycle assessment and optimization
  • Payment Controls Review
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Cash Forecasting
Selection services

We provide RFP support services for selection of bank, card, custody, and treasury management systems. These services include the creation of the RFP document and associated questions and pricing tool.  We provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of the responses.  We attend the meetings with the finalists and provide you with an agenda and scoring sheet.

Implementation Services

We provide project management support on the implementation of our recommendations, treasury management systems and bank services such as lockbox, merchant card processing, purchasing card programs, etc.  This service includes development and maintenance of the project plan and regular calls with the clients’ internal departments and the various departments of the vendor. Additional treasury management systems support is available including configuration, user acceptance testing, and hypercare.

Procure-to-pay assessment and optimization

This type of engagement looks at all costs associated with purchasing and paying for goods and services.  Our work begins with working capital topics like purchasing terms and DPO and continues through vendor onboarding and payment to vendors. It includes both internal costs as well as external fees and rebates.

Order-to-cash assessment and optimization

This is like the above engagement but focuses our efforts on the collections side of your business rather than the disbursement side.  This engagement begins with working capital topics like customer terms and DSO and continues through receipt of customer payment and receivables application.  It includes both internal and external costs.

Cash conversion cycle assessment and optimization

This combines both above projects into a single project.  This project is effectively a liquidity enhancement project benefiting your balance sheet while reducing transaction processing costs impacting your income statement.

Payment Controls Review

This project documents and assesses all controls beginning with vendor onboarding through release of payment.  It includes recommendations regarding systematic and manual preventative and detective controls.  We place a special emphasis on security regarding the vendor database, approval process, payment release and reconciliation. 

Policies and Procedures

This service is frequently offered as part of our implementation services.  Drawing from our extensive library of treasury, A/R and A/P policies, we write policies and procedures customized to the needs of your organization.

Cash Forecasting

We can create a new cash forecast or improve an existing forecast.  These projects include methodology and technology for data collection and modelling.  Our forecasts are focused on cash liquidity and are complementary to the budget forecasts prepared by accounting and FP&A departments.

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