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Premier financial services partner, giving clients a holistic 360-degree view, for optimal decision-making on both sides of the balance sheet.

Using data driven insights is key to being proactive in areas of risk and opportunity.

Financial institutions are increasingly competing with non-bank providers for small business products and services. Most competitors are digitally-led, with the attitudes of business owners shifting away from branch-based value propositions.

In this higher rate environment, small business can achieve more efficient growth as compared to other lines of business for both deposits and loans. Curinos data will empower strategic, data-backed decisions that drive profitability, mitigate risk and better serve small business customers.

Identify target segments & align value proposition & products with client needs.
Share Of Wallet
Achieve primacy through capturing the operating account.
Operating Expense
Refine operating model to manage cost-to-serve (and sell).
Retention and Growth
Manage pricing to attract/retain rate-sensitive deposits w/out eroding cost-of-funds.
Risk Mitigation
Adhere to 1071 legislation & achieve primacy while managing risk.

Capturing Account Primacy

Small Businesses are going digital and banks need to evolve customer behaviors to capture account primacy.


of consumers prefer to open primary checking accounts through digital channels – higher than current small business appetite, but predictive of where small business preferences are heading

Dodd Frank 1071 Is Approaching.
Are You Compliant?

On March 30th, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued its final rule to amend Regulation B to implement changes made to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) via section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Act. 

Those financial institutions that fall within 1071 parameters may need to begin reporting as soon as 2024.  Even if you’re working on gathering the data, are you ready for what it will show?

1 CFPB Executive Summary of the Small Business Lending Rule
2 This does not include the requirements outlined by the NYDFS rule for banks chartered in NY state

The Small Business Advantage

Securing the Small Business lending relationship yields stronger, more significant deposit relationships over time, thereby maximizing value.

Disguised analysis for customers opening up their first account between 3/1/19 and 4/30/21;  Results averaged across resulting monthly vintages.  Excludes customers with >$5mm in deposit balances.

Case Studies

IBERIABANK discusses how product and treasury
leverage PriceTek to collaborate on deposit decisions

Collaboration with KeyBank on next generation deposit optimization solution

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I love all of it. Sometimes we go in blind when we make recommendations. Now those recommendations would be much more powerful.

Large West Coast Credit Union

Given the last few months [market conditions], you guys are more important than you have ever been. I didn’t have to pay close attention to margins before… now I do.

Existing Benchmarking IMB Client

I don’t know what I don’t know. Your data is enlightening, especially in this market.

Regional Midwest Bank


This Product helps me identify banks like mine that are financially out-performing throughout the country. They provide me with the necessary tools to analyze how they’re doing it so I can incorporate new strategies into our business plan and out-perform. We’ve increased our performance by at least 20 basis points since we incorporated this type of peer analysis into our management plans.

$500m Savings Bank

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