Precision customer management

Manage your way to more profitable customer relationships with PriceTek® Commercial

The commercial deposit market is opaque with high levels of exception pricing, challenging liquidity and product managers to set appropriate parameters and execute precision pricing daily. 

PriceTek® Commercial is the leading application for commercial customer management. The platform intuitively guides you through today’s sea of data, uncovering key insights and creating a single source of truth for cross-functional teams to manage and improve the profitability and growth of commercial relationships.

Optimize Product and Pricing Decisions.

Maximize deposit revenue with precision pricing on acquisition and existing portfolio balances. Optimize balance/rate trade-off decisions across your portfolio based on underlying customer segment behavioral and price sensitivity modeling.

Understand Portfolio Performance.

Uncover key underlying trends in your deposit portfolio by incorporating customized segmentation with our proprietary analytic algorithms. Compare granular deposit growth and rate performance to peers through Comparative Deposit Analytics (CDA), our benchmarking platform built with over $3T of account-level deposit data

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk.

Leverage PriceTek as an interactive data warehouse, with access to cleaned data and key metrics to support teams across pricing, treasury, marketing, ALCO, and more. Improve operational efficiency through customized, automated performance reporting, enabling your team to spend less time on number crunching and more time on value-added activities.

Solution Highlights

PriceTek  delivers advanced analytics and business intelligence through a configurable web interface, enabling users to understand drivers of deposit product performance, automate advanced analytics and reporting, and optimize deposit pricing through behavioral modeling.

  • Bank Data Analytics
  • Vintage Analytics
  • Reporting and Custom Analytics
  • Scoring
  • Benchmarking
Bank Data Analytics

Investigate bank deposit performance and understand and explain underlying trends. This application also reveals pockets of upside opportunity through re-pricing and re-positioning of products.

Vintage Analytics

Analyze customer vintages to better understand the long-term and sustained success of newly acquired customers.

Reporting and Custom Analytics

View standard, or generate custom performance reports, which typically support the bank pricing committee and ALCO.


Understand underlying customer behaviors concerning customer primacy, and leverage information for targeted customer outreach and pricing decisions.


Compare granular deposit growth and rate performance relative to peers through Comparative Deposit Analytics (CDA), our benchmarking platform built with over $3T of account-level deposit data.


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Accounts Under Management


Active Installations

Case Studies


IBERIABANK discusses how product and treasury
leverage PriceTek to collaborate on deposit decisions

Collaboration with KeyBank on next generation deposit optimization solution

What Our Clients Are Saying

With the added functionality of PriceTek’s Next Generation Optimizer, we are well-positioned to accelerate the growth of our customer base.

- Lionel Poudevigne Vice President,
Product Management Pricing and Forecasting at KeyBank

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