Home Equity Risk or Reward: Insights Into Originations & Portfolio Performance

As a follow-up from CBA Live! 2023, we will share the latest on what’s trending in Home Equity originations and portfolio performance and what will really drive business in the coming months. Curinos’ insights, which are based on lender-sourced market intelligence, will be delivered by two seasoned industry experts. It’s a webinar all parties connected to Home Equity lines of business won’t want to miss.     
 This Webinar Will Cover: 
  1. Relevant industry insights from near real-time market data on home equity origination and portfolio performance 
  2. Insights into product and risk-migration trends, and how all line-of-business partners can gain insights into shifting customer demand 
  3. Deep dive into Home Equity portfolio health metrics, and the signs of emerging risk lenders should be aware of as we head into more months of economic uncertainty 
Top 3 Benefits To Attendees:  
  1. Gain insights into near real-time, lender-sourced origination and portfolio performance 
  2. Hear about how customer experience has improved in Home Equity, but what challenges remain  
  3. Learn how Home Equity data analytics can help drive strategic decisions for your organization 

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