Speaking Session June 21 – 10AM ET
Understanding Deposit Value in a Turbulent Rate and Macroeconomic Environment
Given the backdrop of continued rising interest rates and liquidity stress here and abroad, understanding the value of your deposits in a more current and complete way has become more critical than any time in the past 15 years.  Perhaps as much as ever, financial institutions need the right data and targeted analytic insights to understand risks, avoid pitfalls, maintain stability and sustain growth.

Join us as Curinos experts Brad Resnick and Adam Purvis share near-real time deposit data that are derived from a consortium of leading North American and international institutions and explain how they could inform what the U.S.A. might expect in the coming months. They will:

  • Compare today’s market turbulence to rate cycles in the past for hints on how to respond today
  • Show how targeted analytics and treatments can help decision-makers navigate the industry’s current volatility
  • Analyze the latest data on deposits to help FIs understand today, anticipate tomorrow and stay ahead of their competition
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