Re-Examining Conventional Wisdom

Welcome to the Curinos Review

Welcome to the Winter issue of the Curinos Review, the second edition of the publication that reflects this year’s union of Novantas and FBX, an Informa Financial Intelligence business.

As 2022 approaches, it is time for financial providers to re-think conventional wisdom about the industry, its customers and its competitors. This issue explores many of the key topics that must be addressed during the pandemic and beyond.

Craig Woodward, CEO

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Product Innovation is Key Driver for 2022

New products can be a key driver of fee revenue in 2022, but banks must personalize offerings that meet the needs of their customers.

The state of U.S. deposits remains one of the most important and tricky issues for the banking industry today. …
Overdraft is one of the hottest topics in banking today. Have you read the latest Curinos research about this important and controversial product?…

At the Podium with Curinos

We are delighted to have resumed some live events in the past few months as we also continue participating in virtual events. Here is a sampling of some of them. Please reach out to the session leaders or Curinos Review Editor Robin Sidel if you missed any of these online events and would like to know more about the content that was presented

Curinos Chairman Mark Greene spoke about how financial-services companies can acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships on Nasdaq’s TradeTalks broadcast on Nov. 22.

Ken Flaherty, senior consumer lending market analyst, discussed the potential resurgence of the home-equity market in a CBA-hosted webinar on Nov. 16.

Sarah Welch, managing director, participated in a 11:F. podcast that explored the potential of big data in financial services.

Rutger van Faassen, head of product and market strategy, spoke about the state of the auto finance market at the annual conference of the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions) on Nov 1.

Suraya Randawa, head of omnichannel experience, discussed mobile roll-outs on a Fintech Futures podcast.

Curninos’ Digital Banking Hub hosted an Oct. 28 webinar called “BNPL: Rapid Growth and Impacts on Digital Finance.” Speakers included Curinos’ Suraya Randawa, head of omnichannel experience, and Chris Ward, director, as well as Butter co-founder Timothy Davis and Peter Andrew Davey, senior vice president at The Clearing House.

Directors Adam Stockton and Michael Jiwani discussed new strategies to measure primacy among retail customers in a Consumer Bankers Association webinar on Oct. 14.

Michael Stinson, head of BankTrends, participated in a Carr, Riggs & Ingram webinar on Oct. 5 that provided an overview and update of the latest CECL guidance.

John Sayre, vice president of client success, joined capital markets expert Rob Chrisman’s podcast to discuss lender trends.

Director of Real Estate Lending Richard Martin discussed home price appreciation, the jumbo securitization market and operational cycle times in a podcast from The Mortgage Collaborative.

Directors Hank Israel and Chris Ward, Rutger van Faassen, head of product and market strategy and Vice President Randy Rosen discussed the role of culture at credit unions in a CUNA podcast.

Felix Moore, managing director, participated in a virtual session at AltFi ‘s Open Banking Forum called “More Data, More Problems? Solving The Challenges Of Open Finance And Beyond” on Oct. 6.

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