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Deposit Optimizer Essentials

Experience higher deposit growth at lower marginal costs

Manage your deposits using best-in-class analytics without the expense of a large team

Community banks and credit unions are under increasing pressure to fund the balance sheet in a profitable way while best serving customers and members. Take a strategic approach to deposit management and optimization.

Deposit Optimizer Essentials provides data and executive insights that cut through the noise to offer guidance to achieve your funding goals by diagnosing deposit performance, alerting with early warning indicators and providing optimized funding strategies. Experience higher deposit growth at lower marginal costs in all rate environments.

Fuel Growth Targets More Efficiently

Optimize promotional pricing, make efficient marginal funding trade-offs & benefit from broad brush methodology used by most financial institutions.

Analytical & Operational Efficiencies

Actionable metrics, shortened decision/action cycle & 50%-90% reduction in analysis and report generation time.

Increase Deposit

Increase duration of customer deposits, improve portfolio mix, increase share of core vs non-core deposits & decrease risk of over-concentrations.

Solution Highlights

Deposit Optimizer Essentials is a web-based platform solution that will allow financial institutions to better identify and work toward growth targets. By optimizing product strategy and pricing levels, institutions can make more efficient marginal funding trade-offs, increase overall analytical and operational efficiencies, and ultimately increase deposit value. Clients will also have access to market leading Curinos consulting expertise via monthly industry insights and quarterly webinars to discuss industry trends and forecasts.

  • Web Platform
  • Emailed Executive Summary
  • Expert Support
Web Platform
Executive dashboard with additional views that include industry comparisons.


Emailed Executive Summary
Includes expert commentary commonly included in deposit meeting materials.


Expert Support
A quarterly webinar that covers market trends with live Q&A and expert, dedicated client success support.


Welcome to the Winter 2024
issue of the Curinos Review.

The Year of Deposits. That’s how Curinos views 2024 – how to get them and how to keep them at a cost that preserves net interest margin and profitability. For this reason, we’ve dedicated the core of this issue of Curinos Review, “Positioning for Success in 2024,” to strategies for optimizing deposits, and deposits will continue to be the dominant theme in our communication this quarter…

No Matter The Rate Environment
Deposit Optimizer Essentials Clients Outperform

2Q23 Cost Of Deposits By
Deposit Growth Strategy

2Q23 Cost Of Deposits By
Optimizer/Analyzer Usage

Notes: Includes all traditional brick and mortar banks above $10B in assets, excluding money center banks; price optimization users use the module more than 10% of total business days between August 2022 and August 2023
Source: Curinos analysis of call report financial data

Get a no-obligation walkthrough of Deposit Optimizer Essentials and see how much value your
institution can unlock by optimizing its balance sheet funding strategy.

Deposit Optimizer Essentials By The Numbers

Active Installations​
Community Banks & Credit Unions
Reliant On Curinos Data

What Our Clients Are Saying

I love all of it. Sometimes we go in blind when we make recommendations. Now those recommendations would be much more powerful.

Large West Coast Credit Union

Given the last few months [market conditions], you guys are more important than you have ever been. I didn’t have to pay close attention to margins before… now I do.

Existing Benchmarking IMB Client

Such a great tool. When the margins are thin, we need to be smarter to understand market opportunities.

Southeast Regional Bank

I don’t know what I don’t know. Your data is enlightening, especially in this market.

Regional Midwest Bank

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