Comparative Deposit Analytics

Treasury Analyzer

Make better pricing decisions with access to comparative deposit data and insights.

Make faster, smarter decisions with access to consistent peer insights and a lens on industry trends with Treasury Analyzer.

Treasury Analyzer provides comprehensive business intelligence and treasury-oriented deposit study analytics – for your portfolio and the industry at large.  

With access to the account-level deposit data from over 250 million consumer and commercial accounts, Curinos’ Treasury Analyzer provides intelligence that enables more accurate ALM, FTP and more effective ALCO committee decisions.

Includes “ready-to-go” reports for ALCO and other deposit committees/forums and
direct inputs for A/L models and FTP systems, which lead to:

Better investment portfolio management decisions

Improved understanding of the stability and duration of deposits.

Proactive management of deposit rates

Deliver instantaneous industry beta analytics through changing rate environments.

Accurate business/
product profitability understanding

Have “real-time” deposit quality insights applied in ALM/FTP.

Improved operational efficiency and regulatory dialogue

A transparent, automated deposit analytics solution.

Solution Highlights

With Treasury Analyzer, you will gain insights into how your institution performs relative to the industry across key performance metrics, including deposit quality metrics critical to Treasury.

  • Accurate and Consistent
  • Innovative and Actionable
  • Timely and Accessible
Accurate and Consistent

Intelligence is sourced from account-level data with more than 10 years of  history, consistent definitions and calculation of metrics applied across institutions. 

Innovative and Actionable

Actionable deposit insights including standard and advanced analytics to support complex treasury functions.

Timely and Accessible

Monthly reports that provide up-to-date new insights, with access to subject area experts for deep dive reviews. 

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Case Studies


IBERIABANK discusses how product and treasury
leverage PriceTek to collaborate on deposit decisions

Collaboration with KeyBank on next generation deposit optimization solution

What Our Clients Are Saying

With the added functionality of PriceTek’s Next Generation Optimizer, we are well-positioned to accelerate the growth of our customer base.

- Lionel Poudevigne Vice President,
Product Management Pricing and Forecasting at KeyBank

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